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As a tradie/contractor you have a hectic life. Always busy estimating, building, quoting, ordering, book keeping, looking for work and whatever else jumps up unannounced!

Sometimes running your business can make you feel like you’re in an endless cycle and not getting anywhere, leaving you with little time for your loved ones and feeling out of balance.

How do we know this? Because in years gone by, we have done the same!

Through our coaching programs designed specifically for builders and contractors, Trades Coaching can help you to dramatically improve turnover and profitability while giving you back the life you desire and deserve.

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Our Coaching Programs



We specialise in improving both the business and personal lives of tradies and contractors. Just some of the positive outcomes of our coaching programs include:

  • Massive increases in turnover and profitability
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved team relationships
  • Up-to-date books & accounting
  • Getting paid for quotes & estimates
  • No longer competing on price with competition
  • Reclaiming personal time for friends and family

We help you achieve your goals by working closely with your business on our 10 keys to success. These 10 keys are specifically designed for builders and contractors to ensure you’re effectively managing every key component of business.

You’ll immediately see the benefits as we put systems in place to improve these key areas and help to hold you accountable to working on your business. This approach ensures every aspect of your business is as well-crafted as the work you and your team do on site.

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What’s your plan? Without a clearly defined strategy, your business has no direction and no path to success. As a result, you become reactive, always looking to the past to determine the future of your business. Strategy is a vision for what you want to achieve in your business and the steps to get you there.


To grow and thrive in a competitive market, you must be profitable and allocate those profits in a strategic way to support both yourself and the business. Discover the keys to improving your cash position in your business.


More than just someone in the office, Admin is the key that holds everything together. It does all your background work, creating your systems, ensuring everything is working well and keeping everyone accountable.


You take on many roles as a business owner, and some roles are far more profitable than others. Effectively managing time and allocating tasks gives you the power to MANAGE, ORGANIZE, and PRIORITIZE.  Without time management, you are losing precious revenue.


Marketing is much more than just referrals. Discover how to reach customers you want to work with and who want what you have to offer. Learn how to communicate with them so they view you as the solution to their needs.


Learn to focus on the needs of your customers. Help them to buy what they’ve already identified as a need or want through your marketing. Sales is listening to customers’ needs and wants and offering the solutions.


Ensure you can deliver what you promise. If you can’t deliver on your promise to customers, your reputation will soon be tarnished and your customer base (and all those referrals) will diminish.


Systems will set you free. Discover how to create simple systems for your team to follow so your business will function and grow without needing you to be there all the time.


Finding, keeping and growing the right team is critical to achieving business growth. Your team will run your systems allowing you to get off the tools and concentrate on the long-term growth of your business.


Your business succeeds through teamwork, and a team needs leadership and direction. Learn the skills required to develop your team and discover practical strategies for bringing out the best in your people and your business.


Who we do it for?

We do it for YOU!

Trades Coaching is for Tradies and contractors including remodelers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians basically just about everyone in the construction industry who are sick and tired of working so hard but still not reaping the rewards of a smooth-running, profitable business. We do it for skilled tradesmen committed to transforming their business vision into reality.

We understand the common struggles of Tradies and trades-industry professionals, and that’s why we’ve formulated effective marketing, sales and delivery to help you quickly, efficiently, and profitably grow your building business.



With more than 20 years of business experience and over 12 years working as a business development specialist, Greg Hamlyn have coached hundreds of businesses where he implemented strategies and provided clients with real life, no-nonsense solutions to help them achieve their goals.

As Trades Coaching, we keep ourselves up-to-date, investing both time and money in the latest training and technology so we can pass this on to our clients, ensuring their success. We have developed a Marketing and Sales Systems that you can implement into your own business so clients would choose to do business with you!

We utilize a talented team of experts to compile and create the type of marketing and sales processes that would win you new contracts and set your business apart from the competition.

Complimentary Discovery Session

For any business relationship to flourish, both parties should have the correct chemistry and be sure that they are a good fit. For this reason, we always start with 1 hour  complimentary discovery session over the phone. You get a taste of what we are about and we get to learn a little about you, your business, your challenges and your goals.

What We Will Discuss

  • Getting to Know You and Your Business
  • Your Current Situation
  • Our Process and How We Help
  • Your Short and Long-Term Goals
  • If We Think We Can Assist You in Any Way

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Lisa and Bill Papas
Lisa and Bill PapasThe Plumbing Wizard
A few months ago my husband and I were almost ready to give up on his business. Our major issue was cash flow, which was causing us a lot of pain. Greg has guided and motivated us and we are now seeing results! Things are looking a lot brighter and I only wish I had found Trades Coaching sooner!
Danny Attard
Danny AttardTech 1 Electronic Repair Centre
Coaching has turned my life around; I am now a more confident business person working only 30 hours a week instead of 50 – 60 hours. I have taken my business from doing 300 jobs per month with 13 people to over 1,400 jobs per month with 15 team members. The cost of coaching is a very small price to pay for the money that you will make in the business.
John and Matt
John and MattO’Neill Lack Construction Group
We’ve been working together for the past 3 – 4 years and joined Greg in one of his training workshops to get some marketing ideas.We had no real marketing happening and no idea how to change it. Greg opened our eyes to a fair few ideas that will allow us to move forward.Greg and Builders Profits are very helpful, knowledgeable and have opened out eyes on marketing and have given heaps of practical ideas on how to get more people in our sales funnel and convert them into paying customers we ca utilise in our business right away.We’d definitely recommend ...
Sharon Moszt
Sharon Mosztlaguna Constructions
When we started with Trades Coaching, we had les then $400,000 leads in our sales funnel and only WOM marketing and it wasn’t working in less the 8 months we had over 2.1million dollars of work and now have a professional marketing system that can generate leads.This wouldn’t have happened if we hadn’t started with Trades Coaching & Builders Profits. Greg and his team helped us put a Marketing and Sales system in place to gain this amazing growth.
Greg Ransom
Greg RansomBuilding & Construction Group
I’ve been working with Greg and Builders Profits for a while now and I started totally new to it all. It was a fresh start to my business and I discovered that although how to be great at my trade, building homes and doing extensions, I didn’t know much about actually running a business.Working with Greg has changed my perspective on not only what it takes to run and grow a business but also how to manage the sales and marketing part of business so I could start attracting more of the right sort of enquires and convert more quotes ...
Ken Ryan
Ken RyanTropical Lifestyle Builders
After a very bad year last year and several poor years previous, my wife and I decided to draw the line in the sand. We would give my building business 3 months and if things did not improve, we would give up and I would look for employment elsewhere.I found your website and although skeptical, registered for one of your free webinars. The information provided was totally relevant and delivered in a way that made since to builders and trades men (most other information on the web seem to explain everything relative to a retail environment, which is very different ...
Karen Wildman
Karen WildmanScott Wildman Plumbing
When we started with Trades Coaching, we were pulling in $500,000 a year. A year later, we were at $1.8 Million. And a year after that, $2.6 Million. Without a doubt, if we hadn’t worked with Trades Coaching, this never would have happened. Trades Coaching helped us put the systems and strategies in place that we needed to experience such phenomenal growth.
Adam Power
Adam PowerPowerbuilt
The biggest concern I had was could I afford the coaching and was I going to get anything out of it. I took it on because I understood things needed to change. Greg showed me how to grow my business, and put up with my resistance along the way, to employing more staff and how to grow & market my business effectively.I found we can get stuck in our mindset on how things can be done and looked at. Greg opened my mind and helped me grow, from a building business in the backyard on me own to employing 2 ...

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